Friday, April 15, 2011

Successful Education Abroad- Can it be Successful Here?

For an international perspective on educational philosophy and methodology check out the Time Magazine article on Finland's Educational Success. After reading the article ask yourself- what ongoing efforts are involved for Finland to maintain current achievements? How will they raise the bar even higher? It is healthy to learn how other countries approach education and see what we can realistically incorporate into our own schools. However, we must also factor in differences of countries economic conditions, societal and cultural influences and etc. Countries have tried completely patterning their educational system including philosophies and methodologies to achieve Finland's success, but received mediocre results. Can you see a school system like Finland's succeed in a United States public or private school? Lastly, it is interesting to note of the few rules for Finland's students in the classroom, cell phones and i-pods are not allowed. Perhaps their technology policy will change moving forward?

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