Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Student's Perspectives on Ed. Tech.

Click on this link to view a sampling of a survey conducted by The Speak Up National Research Project asking students to predict what school would be like in 2015. Questions included- What would “going to school” be like? Would learning be different? What would be the role of the teacher? 

After reading through most responses it is clear these students want to be engaged learners through platforms (read- technology) and vehicles which are second nature to them. Educators, administrators, lay leaders and key stakeholders who value the shift towards technology integration in education can help these students achieve their visions now in 2011. How? By educating those around them and acting as the change agents in their schools.

Educating these constituents can start with something as simple as showing them this link on 'The New 3 E’s of Education: Enabled, Engaged, Empowered- How Today’s Students Are Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Learning' whose findings highlight the need for mobile learning, online and blended learning and e-textbooks. Educating them on who their student and parent body is, what their needs are, and where they are at technologically is a good first step!

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