Sunday, May 8, 2011

Twitter and PLN's

This past week I partook in a weekly educators chat on twitter. The main discussion focused on how to exemplify leadership, and after a few minutes many educators were using the term GTY (greater than yourself) as a component of leadership. A broad variety of examples were given to explain the concept of being GTY, from staying up late at night putting on the finishing touches of a lesson plan to empowering others to be change agents in their schools. It really was a great discussion. The next day I was still chewing on the GTY concept and wanted to discuss it with my colleagues. During one break I visited one of the educators lounges and started recapping my twitter chat from the night before. There were five educators in the room and all five had zero clue what twitter was. I took out my iPhone, pressed the twitter app, and demonstrated how I use twitter as part of my personal learning network. After sharing some of my methods one of the educators (not a 'newbie' mind you!- one with some years of teaching experience) had a look of bewilderment and starting asking me lots of twitter and personal learning network questions. I tried to answer/explain as much as I could in the two minutes I had left and as I was leaving the educator said to me "For a while I have been debating whether to switch to a smartphone but I never had a good enough reason. I think our conversation on personal learning networks gave me enough conviction to take the plunge. Thank you."


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