Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Using Technology Properly and Effectively

Although this clip pokes fun (no pun intended) at what people feel comfortable divulging on the Internet (the term TMI- 'too much information' comes to mind!) the reality is different people use social medial/communication vehicles like Facebook and Twitter and etc. for different purposes. 

Twitter, for one, can be a very powerful professional development tool for educators. A few hours ago I read this article entitled '10 ways for teachers to collaborate.' Although these 10 suggestions are subjective as every school operates differently, there was one suggestion which I feel can be used universally by any teacher no matter how busy and I quote:
"9. Establish an online PLN. 
Use social media to connect and collaborate with educators anywhere, any time. Get the most out of Twitter. Ask someone to help you get started on building an online network..." 

Building a personal learning network on Twitter for example takes minimal time to establish, some time to maintain, and has all the time in the world for you to access at your leisure. 

For example, while waiting in line at a supermarket checkout aisle as the person in front of me disputes the price of an item with the cashier, I access the Twitter app on my iPhone, immerse myself in a conversation on best classroom management practices in the classroom with another educator across the country while checking out a link on how a tubric (rubric in a tube shape) can elevate a student's focus on the essential question of a particular unit or lesson. In fact, that is pretty much what happened last week. 

Bottom line- because of my PLN I was able to spend 10 minutes furthering my education- in a checkout line at the grocery store. Think about it. And feel free to ask me to help get you started on building your online network.

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