Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Animoto is really easy to use and is fun. As it says on their website "Create your own Animoto video now! Animoto is fast, free and shockingly easy. Pick a video style, add photos, choose a song. Post it. Send it. Share it." - This is all very true. And their App for the iPhone is simple and user friendly. 

After being out with family the other day I wanted to create a quick video slideshow of the fun we had. In under 2 minutes (literally!) a 30 second video clip with music had been created, uploaded and e-mailed all from the palm of my hand (and an iPhone 4). It looked great too if I might add.

You can take pictures saved on your phone, arrange it in the order you like, add music to go along with your pictures and voila- you've 'animotode!' Check out these sample videos from the Animoto website. Today's technology is truly incredible.

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