Monday, July 11, 2011

Edmodo Revisited

I have been spending a fair part of my summer creating my on-line learning platforms courtesy of Edmodo. Creating class folders, uploading materials, links, files, etc. I'll admit I was skeptical at the outset because at first glance Edmodo seemed to be more like a Facebook 'wanna-be' than authentic learning platform. I looked at other possibilities like Blackboard for more realistic choices. However the more I am delving into Edmodo the more I am appreciating how much students will benefit from it. I also like the mobile app Edmodo has rolled out. Although it feels raw and a little bumpy in its infant stages, the app makes it so easy for teachers to post assignments and notes to their students. I'm looking forward to see how the app is updated.
As I student I think I might have been extremely appreciative to have my class materials available to me around the clock. That being said the level of accountability has increased as well. Students won't be able to make excuses because all their coursework will be at their fingertips. The proverbial 'dog ate my homework' line has suddenly vanished!

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