Monday, July 25, 2011


Voki is wonderful! Voki's website tells you they are a "free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile and in email messages." A voki is your own avatar which is more or less a graphic representation in 2d or 3d of you, your alter ego or a character you enjoy. You create the avatar anyway you like it and you can even record your own message (like the message you heard from my Voki when you entered my blog).

Voki can be very beneficial in education for students and educators. Students can use Voki to articulate information they learned in a fun way. For example let's say you want students to reflect on an essay or demonstrate their knowledge of subject materials. Students can create their own Voki and type in or record information they learned, which their Voki will repeat when clicked on. This is especially helpful for students who don't feel as comfortable speaking up in the classroom. Voki gives them a portal to express themselves. Students who like art and are creative will also enjoy Voki.

Educators can have Voki help convey information to their students in a fun way. The educator can record a brief class assignment or homework assignment and load his/her Voki onto the class wiki. Students then go to the wiki and watch the Voki explain the class or homework assignment. Voki's website also has a forum and a lesson plan database for educators. Add this to your digital tool box and the next time your class is reflecting on a blog- think about using Voki as one of the reflection vehicles.

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