Monday, August 29, 2011


Jing is a great way to take a picture or capture a video and either download to your hardrive or upload to the cloud. I use it for the later. Every upload has its own URL which you can easily paste into your assignment or blog or- anything! You can purchase the Pro edition or stick with the free version which should work for most educators. Once you install jing you will see a yellow 'orb' on the top corner of your screen. Mouse over it and you have the option of taking a picture, recording a video, or going to your 'cloud' data bank of screenshots and videos. One of the classes I teach includes videos I created using Jing. I uploaded the classes to my learning platform (I use Edmodo ) as URL. All the students have to do is click on the URL and the video comes straight to their screen. I highly recommend this tool!

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