Sunday, November 25, 2012

Choosing the Right iPad Apps

Has your school started or will begin deploying iPads and you are trying to figure out which apps to select to promote deeper student learning? Here is a great apps rubric to help decide which apps are the right ones for your class.

Also, below is an example of how the SAMR model works with apps.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hillel- A School Without Walls

No matter what your personal philosophy is on education technology, the reality is our world is shifting dramatically and needs educators who have the ability to incorporate technology into their classrooms. Start by taking small steps and yes there will be an adjustment period. Overall you will notice positive changes in student behaviors and learning attitudes and you will wonder why you didn't transition sooner. All it takes is a little effort.

Although currently in New York City today our Hillel team created a Skype class where I was was able to educate my Scheck Hillel Community School students on the topic of Hurricane Sandy. Using to ask open ended questions we were able to have a conversation on Hurricane Sandy and discuss perspectives on life and Judaism with our 6th Grade Period C class. I also infused our class with CERD's philosophies of reflecting on living in the 'here and now.' Students did this by reflecting at the moment on what they were grateful for in life. We also created some Wordles with student responses. Check out this Wordle and this Wordle. (Based on both Wordles can you guess what the first two open ended question were?)

Students were able to answer either by emailing answers or texting them. Students understood the rules and conditions about when they could and couldn't use their phones and laptops and did a great job overall.

I want to give a very big thank you to @MisterD and Mrs. Anton for co-directing our class and allowing it to run smooth at the school's end! I also want to thank @garyweisserman and @Josh_Spodek as well as other educators on Hillel's Dream Team for stopping by and participating! You can read Gary's blog on today's learning on Hillel's campus by clicking here.

This is a microcosm of Hillel's amazing learning environment and leadership.